It's a Family Affair...

It's A Family Affair...

As always I am constantly searching for new prospective Photography Session locations and this March Break is no different. Today I dragged my hubbie and son out for a scouting expedition of a new gem of a spot in Markham. 
I'm not going to lie, getting my little munchkin out of our house after the freezing winter we have had was a HUGE bonus. It felt sooooo awesome to see him running around like a crazy person asking where the Tiger is at every chance. 

I just love how my job allows me to remain a constant in my family's daily lives. Today was yet another opportunity I got to do work but spend quality time with my number one These two crazies make working so much more fun too. Although I am sure my son is pretty sick of the camera already and he is only two, and I am pretty certain my husband sighs each time I pack it into the car, they are so willing to just enjoy the time together and allow me to snap away at them together. There is no one I would rather practice with. 

The adventure and curiosity of a two year old is unquenchable. His exploration of this conservation park led me to find some incredible photo spots for an engagement session this weekend. He took daddy through the trees, the snow, the mud, the puddles and beyond to make sure he got to see everything and of course daddy was happy to follow. 
I'm not sure my couple for this weekend will be jumping in the muddy puddles but I'm definitely going to have them climbing through the trees to maximize the awesomeness of this place. 

When I am looking for new exciting locations for my photography sessions I am considering a multitude of factors, but most of all I want to know if the location offers me excitement and enthusiasm. When I am walking around with my camera are there backdrops jumping out at me, screaming at me to put a newly loved up engaged couple amongst it, or to have a vivacious, fun-loving family running through it. Do the surrounding draw me to want to photograph my own family there? Does it bring something new and unique to my other locations.
Although I may be running around after my Duracell bunny of a two year old my eye is scouring the environment for that next amazing spot that takes your breath away. My mind is playing out the story of the session and the path we would take. And most of all does the location fit the couple, the family and their personality. Can it portray what I am wanting the images to say? 

So today I am grateful, I am grateful for the opportunity to combine the love of my work with the love of my family life. I am proud to be able to say that I love what I do and am blessed to have the support of my amazing family. They are Toronto's best models :)

To conclude...I may be on the hunt for a country field full of corn or an urban concrete playground, but no matter what, I am always pushing onwards to find more, to do more, to make more and to be more. I allow the surroundings to compliment the family and encourage the best out of them. The prefect location does not exist without the fun, inspiring, and heart warming families and couples I get to photograph in it.

Roll on Sundays Engagement Shoot for Lisa & Nick!