So much fun to find in the city at the Mooredale Mayfair!

I love a good funfair and apparently so does my 2 year old! 

Due to the generosity of a family friend, this weekend saw my little man take his first trip to the Mooredale Mayfair and it was the most amazing day. Words cannot describe how it makes my heart feel to see my child happy and enjoying life. Having a toddler who experiences SO much for the very first time opens your eyes to the world again from a new viewpoint. That of a keen, innocent, excited 2ft 11'' boy and wow does he want to experience everything he can. Of course being a photography addict Mommy I cannot help but capture as much as possible.

I have to say that at a funfair there is just something so magical about a Carousel. This was his first ride of the day and within a minute he had transformed from a nervous little guy to crazy excited. So much so that he did not want to come off, we had to promise he could go again later!


A day at the Fairground wouldn't be great unless you were painted as one of your favourite animals in the whole world....

My heart just melted as I watched him go around in this little car with three other little boys who quickly became his roadtrip buddies...

And of course what else does a Tiger do but Jump Jump Jump...

Living in a city like Toronto it is great to find these gems of activities to get us out and about and of course its another excuse for me to take my camera out. So if you are looking for a great activity this time next year definitely head out to Mooredale's Mayfair. 
It never gets old snapping away at my munchkin whilst creating family traditions with incredible memories. 

We owe a huge Thank You to a special family who made this day possible for us. Never underestimate the power in generosity. 

       .Simple Acts of Kindness touch peoples lives in ways you may never come to know.