Please Unplug Your Wedding...The Polite Request Of Your Photographer

In todays world the selfie stick has taken over. We all love to snap away on our phones and share our lives on social media but when it comes to your Wedding Day you really should unplug for the sake of your photographer and your professional photos.

Imagine, you've spent hours searching, attending wedding fayres, trailing the internet, going to meetings and spent thousands of dollars on hiring your incredible photographer, for your photo's to be ruined by cell phones!! Devastating right? 

Not only might a shot such as you coming down the isle be completely ruined, but it might be impossible to get and so left out!

Trust your photographer is my biggest plea to you today. Their photographs will far surpass the ones shot on any cell phone. So give them the freedom and ability to capture every moment without interruption from the snapping of friends and family. 

Here's an added bonus to the trend of unplugging...Bring the attention of your wedding ceremony back to you, the bride and groom. By asking your guests to keep their phones away they engage more in your ceremony and are less concerned with being the first to Instagram a shot of you in your dress (from a less than flattering angle).

So on behalf of your wedding photographer today I ask of you to please unplug your wedding (or at least the ceremony lol).

Caroline x