This Is Why Redheads Rule || Toronto Documentary Photographer || CopperRed

I have to start by saying that I love to photograph redheads.
Growing up my nan would always tell me that people pay good money to get hair like ours and I would roll my eyes. That was until I became a photographer. 
Red hair of all shades photographs so well. No matter the shade, red hair is rich and always a focal point, it draws your eye to the individual. 
The beautiful porcelain and freckled skin that comes alongside it is just an added bonus for a photographer like myself. The texture and purity against the vibrant red hair is magic. 

There are so many beautiful photography locations hidden within the Toronto GTA that we are almost spoilt for choice. With so many requiring permits in order to photograph there you have to get a little more creative and adventurous. I love nothing more than to explore new shoot locations in and around the city. There's always an added excitement when I get to discover a new hot spot.