3 Tricks to Capturing Organic Family Photos || CopperRed Photography

The time for those creepy family photos has long passed and the age of dynamic, imperfect but much more real family photography is most definitely upon us. Thank goodness!

Like most people of my generation I have a good collection of those strange sibling portraits from when I was little, where each of us have our hands posed on each others shoulders and legs or the classic store session shot that does not represent any aspect of your character.

Here's a gem from my childhood...yep thats me front and middle lol!

family photography

As I have developed as a photographer I have learnt how to capture genuine moments, real connections and photographs that hold so much more than just a simple documentation of your family. They hold within them memories and treasured stories. 

With these 3 tricks you can move towards capturing better family photos!



My first trick is to generate interactions that reflect a connection. I often ask my clients to hug and kiss their little one. Before you know it the kids are giggling, mum is smiling naturally and you've captured it all.

Another great tip is to have them spin or dance and tickle their kiddos.



Movement is beautiful, it adds a dynamic that I love within my family photography. It not only helps your clients to relax and feel less conscious of the camera but also adds a real life aspect to the shots.

It is not good enough however to simply ask them to walk towards you. If you don't believe me test it out yourself. A basic instruction such as 'walk towards me' often leaves the shot falling flat. You will find your families look straight down at the floor and do not smile. 

Instead I ask my couples to hold hands, to look at each other and at their little one whilst they are walking. Instantly it changes the image, couples cannot help but smile when they are looking into each others eyes. Give it a go!



As a mummy of two myself I know how crazy quick your little one grows and how hard it is to remember the tiny details later down the road. I find myself frequently looking back over photos of my kiddos to remember just how they looked when they were babies.

So take a moment to capture their little hand in mummy's, the tiny curl of hair on the back of their head or their crazy long eyelashes. These shots will be cherished.

So I hope that you can take these tricks and add them to your next family shoot to discover a new element to your images. I would love to see some of your work after trying them out. Just pop them in the COMMENTS.

For now enjoy some more shots from this gorgeous family shoot. Be inspired!